Music for All

Music for All

Summer is a wonderful time to begin or continue private lessons and group classes at BMS. Our summer program features distinguished faculty, a broad range of instruments, flexible scheduling, and students of all ages. Get inspired by your teachers and fellow students!

Summer is a great time to delve deeper into musical study, or begin exploring a musical instrument.

Summer Highlights

Summer Highlights

  • Students of all Ages
  • Variety of Lessons & Classes
  • Distinguished Faculty
  • Flexible Summer Schedules for Private Lessons
  • BMS Community of Music & Fun

Summer 2021

Stay tuned for more information about Summer 2021

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Adult Chamber Music (Summer)

Adult Chamber Music Ensembles offer instrumentalists the advantage of working with a professional… more


Private Instruction (Summer)

Private Instruction is central to musical study for most students ages six and older. For beginners… more


Youth Chamber Music (Summer)

Chamber music groups rehearse repertoire of the classical tradition from the early baroque to… more



Meet The Instruments

The remote edition of BMS’s popular introduction to the colorful world of musical instruments!… more


Music & More

A BMS summer favorite! This two-week morning session focuses on a theme, and explores music, dance more



Teen Cello Workshop

During this week-long workshop, teen cellists will sharpen their skills through a balance of group… more


Virtual Storytelling with Chamber Music

A virtual workshop in which budding chamber musicians will explore new repertoire as a team, and… more


Jazz & Improv Lab

Students delve into the colorful world of improvisation, jazz, and the blues. Remote group… more


Introduction To GarageBand

In this course, students will learn the basics of recording, editing, and mixing with GarageBand.… more



Music Moves For Piano (Summer)

Music Moves for Piano teaches student musicians to hear what they play and play what they hear in… more


Music Play (Summer)

Music is best learned if informal music guidance is begun as early in life as possible. In Music… more


Musical Adventures (Summer)

In Musical Adventures, students actively participate in activities that provide a strong musical… more


Ballet (Summer)

Our summer online ballet class places a focus on the development of ballet movements. This class… more


Boys Dance (Summer)

In this dance class designed for young boys, the students will be engaged to express their… more


Fundamentals of Harmony

This four-week theory class for adults addresses fundamental questions relating to our experience… more



The Beatles Summer Project

The Beatles Summer Project brings together students of all ages to celebrate the Beatles by… more

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Since 1924, Brookline Music School has provided excellence in music education to the greater Boston community. Call now to join the tradition.

Brookline Music School welcomes students of all ages and ability. Enrollment is open year-round so students may begin private lesson study at any time (including the summer).

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