From Early Childhood classes to Jazz/Rock & Chamber Ensembles for adults, BMS offers classes and programs to meet the needs and interests of students at every age and level of musical study.

Classes For Young Children

(Ages Birth-3)

Music Play

Music is best learned if informal music guidance is begun as early in life as possible. In Music… more

(Ages 3-4)

Musical Adventures

In Musical Adventures, students actively participate in activities that provide a strong musical… more

(Ages 4-5)

Move, Sing, Drum!

Move, Sing, Drum! engages students in music making and learning activities, including singing more

(Ages 4-7)

Music Moves For Piano

Music Moves for Piano teaches student musicians to hear what they play and play what they hear in… more

(Ages 5-6)

Instrument Discovery

In Instrument Discovery, students develop their understanding of music through a vocabulary of… more

(Ages 6-7)

Introduction To Ukulele

Introduction to Ukulele introduces students to the ukulele in an engaging group setting. Students… more


Movement & Dance



Students in Pre-Ballet will learn fundamental concepts of ballet including the five basic… more


Creative Dance

In Creative Dance, students learn to respond to musical cues and sound with movement more



Expanding on the concepts of Pre-Ballet, Ballet places a focus on the development of more complex… more


Modern Dance

In Modern Dance class, students will relate music to movement with props and each other, exploring… more


Boys Making Dances

In this dance class designed for young boys, Tom provides students with an environment to express… more


Girls Dance Ensemble

Girls Dance Ensemble designed for older students with a connection to dance as a performing art.… more


Boys Dance Ensemble

Boys Dance Ensemble designed for older students with a connection to dance as a performing art.… more


Musical Skills Classes

Flute Seminar

The Flute Seminar offers students of intermediate and advanced levels the opportunity to engage in… more


BMS Fiddle Group

The BMS Fiddle Group introduces folk fiddle techniques and styles in a fun and collaborative… more


Vocal Discovery

Vocal Discovery offers preparatory vocal training in a group setting for students not old enough… more


Suzuki Violin Groups

The Suzuki Method is based on the philosophy that music may be learned by young students in much… more


Suzuki Flute Groups

The Suzuki Method is based on the philosophy that music may be learned by young students in much… more


Music Theory

Creative Theory & Musicianship

Taught in a spirit of collaborative learning and fun, weekly class sessions explore and reinforce a more

Practical Theory for Guitarists

Practical Theory for Guitarists will equip students with the skills to better understand more


Composition Lab

This weekly class offers a variety of entry points for creative musical thinking in a fun and… more


Music Therapy

Music Therapy Sessions

Brookline Music School offers music therapy to people of all ages and abilities. Music therapy is… more

Piano For All Children

Piano for All Children provides developmentally appropriate piano instruction to children who fall… more

Neurologic Music Therapy

Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) is a research-based system of 20 standardized clinical techniques… more


Performing Ensembles


Jazz Ensembles & Rock Bands

Jazz ensembles & rock bands offer the excitement of group playing in a relaxed yet challenging… more


Youth Chamber Music Ensembles

Chamber music groups rehearse repertoire of the classical tradition from the early baroque to… more


Adult Chamber Music Ensembles

Adult Chamber Music Ensembles offer instrumentalists the advantage of working with a professional… more


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