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Improve your musical abilities with BMS! Our teaching tradition has been growing for almost 100-years. The expertise of BMS faculty continues to support student success, whether learning in person or online. These learning resources have been compiled to supplement the skill-building of our students.

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Music From Our Community

Just like our physical school, this virtual space celebrates our common pursuit of music. Enjoy a medley of videos from our community and others. If you have performance videos that you would like to share, please email info@bmsmusic.org.

Early Childhood Resources

The Brookline Music School Early Childhood teachers are excited to provide music for you and your children to share at home. If you have any questions or want more information, we’re here for you.

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Music K-8 Kids

This music track may be familiar to some of our Musical Adventures families! As you watch the video and listen, certain sections of music represent different animals. It's fun to get up and move like the animals to the music.

Music K-8 Kids

Some of our favorite interactive music making games and videos include Music Maker: Rock Out with Peg and Cat and Peg's Parade: Lead the Musical Parade with Peg & Friends!

Music K-8 Kids

Some of the applications on this site are advanced for Early Childhood. Your child may enjoy the Kandinsky app; simply draw something and it turns your drawing into music! Rhythm may also be fun to explore with parental guidance - interactive clicks for each instrument are represented by distinct colors and shapes.

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Brookline Music School is a nonprofit organization that has provided excellence in music education to the Greater Boston community since 1924. We rely on the generous support of our donors to benefit the community through music.

Brookline Music School welcomes students of all ages. Enrollment is open year-round so students may begin private lesson study at any time. Join us!

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