Practical Theory for Guitarists will equip students with the skills to better understand, interpret, compose, improvise, and play music through the study and creative application of music theory. The progressive curriculum will cover topics such as interval identification, scales, chord cadences and chord progressions, ear training, and fretboard logic.  These elements will be examined in detail through examples and exercises, and also as each pertains to students' own musical projects.

This class is designed to assist students in fulfilling the theory requirements of the BMS Guitar Certificate Program. Students should begin in Level I, but may begin in a higher level with permission from the teacher. 

About Music Theory & Composition Classes

Music Theory & Composition classes are recommended for all students beginning and continuing in private lessons. Theory classes closely investigate the inner workings of music as a language, helping students to reinforce essential musical skills and concepts such as note and rhythm reading, intervals, scales, harmony, and ear training.


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Jussi Reijonen

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