Fundamentals of Harmony

This four-week theory class for adults addresses fundamental questions relating to our experience and understanding of harmony: What are the components of a single tone? What does it mean for one tone to be "in tune" with another? Why do we have seven tones in our scales and twelve in our octaves? What are the most fundamental harmonic relationships among these tones, and how do we experience and label them? What ambiguities do we experience as we strive to understand and describe these relationships, and ultimately, how does music organize and play with these ambiguities? Class meetings will be held via Zoom, and participants will be expected to spend approximately 2 hours per week on readings and exercises outside of class time. This class is suited to adult students with at least one year of recent instruction on an instrument or voice.

Ages 18+


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Dan Sedgwick

Dan Sedgwick

Musicking is a wholly fulfilling, challenging, fun, serious, personal, universal, expressive more

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Fundamentals of Harmony

Coming back in Summer 2021!

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