Music Moves for Piano teaches student musicians to hear what they play and play what they hear in engaging, creative and fun classes.

Lesson activities sequentially apply what research says about how children best learn music and encourage students to listen, think, move, sing, improvise and perform. Students develop solid piano technique and keyboard skills through solos, duets and improvisations. Four students is the maximum per class.

In Music Moves for Piano students learn to:

  • Improvise, play by ear, transpose, and harmonize
  • Sing and play
  • Perform with comfort and fluency in a variety of social settings
  • Play with technical ease and freedom from muscular tension
  • Listen to and perform music with understanding
  • Think about music in the context of a meter and a tonality
  • Become independent music thinkers


  1. This class is a full year program comprised of two 16 week terms. New students are encouraged to start in the fall term, or can join an ongoing class in the spring depending on availability.
  2. This is a drop-off class. Parents are invited into the classroom for the last 5 to 10 minutes of each class.

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About Discovering Instruments Classes

Our Discovering Instruments Classes are based on Music Learning Theory and research on how children learn music. Students are guided through the stages of music learning (acculturation, imitation and assimilation) to provide understanding for a lifelong enjoyment of music and to prepare for formal instruction.

Our staff and faculty are skilled in early childhood music development and are happy to discuss any of these programs with you. Contact us at

Piano For All Children

Piano For All Children provides developmentally appropriate piano instruction to children who fall outside the range of typical development in the social, psychological, cognitive, motor, or emotional realms. Click here for more information.

Discovering Instruments Classes

Tuition Rates


Day Time Book Grade Start Date Teacher Length Per Term Full Year
Sunday 2:00pm A1 Pre-Kindergarten* 9/15/2019 BMS Faculty 50 mins CLASS IS FULL CLASS IS FULL
Thursday 1:30pm A1 Pre-Kindergarten* 9/12/2019 Cathy Marks 50 mins $505 $1,010
Thursday 2:00pm A1 Pre-Kindergarten* 9/12/2019 Clare Sung 50 mins $505 $1,010
Friday 1:00pm A1 Pre-Kindergarten* 9/13/2019 Cathy Marks 50 mins $505 $1,010
Sunday 9:30am A1 Kindergarten* 9/15/2019 Siu Yan Luk 50 mins $505 $1,010
Wednesday 3:00pm A1 Kindergarten* 9/11/2019 Siu Yan Luk 50 mins $505 $1,010
Sunday 1:00pm 1 Prep 1st Grade* 9/15/2019 Siu Yan Luk 50 mins $505 $1,010
Monday 2:45pm 1 Prep 1st Grade* 9/9/2019 Clare Sung 50 mins $505 $1,010
Wednesday 3:00pm 1 Prep 1st Grade* 9/11/2019 BMS Faculty 50 mins CLASS IS FULL CLASS IS FULL

*as of Fall 2019

Materials fee for all classes: $20

Term: 16 weeks | Full Year: 32 weeks
Students registered for classes in Fall Term are automatically re-enrolled in Spring Term

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Fees & Aid
  • There is a once-yearly non-refundable $35 registration fee per student ($50 per family)
  • There is a $20 fee per term for payment plans
  • No registration fee is charged for summer study

BMS is committed to removing any financial barriers. Tuition assistance is available.

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