Our online ballet class places a focus on the development of ballet movements. This class will introduce sophisticated turns, steps, and leaps. Students will learn about timing and coordination through movement games to emphasize ballet alignment and balance. Stretching will be incorporated into each class to familiarize students with the muscles that are specific to the ballet vocabulary. Students will dance to a variety of music including, world music, classical, jazz, pop, and more.


Tom Krusinski

Tom Krusinski

The doorway to learning is joyfulness. When the student experiences their learning in an atmosphere...(more)

About Movement & Dance Classes

Brookline Music School's Movement & Dance Program explores kinesthetic creativity by using movement, music, props, games and play to develop and link students’ learning into complex dance moves and phrases.

Movement & Dance Instructor Tom Krusinski starts with each child’s strengths within individual and ensemble work, engaging them using the practices of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, including spatial, linguistic, mathematical and logical. Such intelligences assist in emotional and behavioral control, resisting impulses, developing cognitive flexibility and memory, and bringing courage and joy to meeting challenging situations in and out of the dance class.


Fall 2020

Day Time Length Start Date Age Faculty Per Term
Tuesday 3:00 pm 40 minutes 9/29/2020 6-8 Tom Krusinski $135.00
Saturday 10:30 am 40 minutes 10/3/2020 6-8 Tom Krusinski $135.00
Tuesday 3:00 pm 40 minutes 11/10/2020 6-8 Tom Krusinski $180.00
Saturday 10:30 am 40 minutes 11/14/2020 6-8 Tom Krusinski $180.00
  • · Fall Term 2020 term is comprised of a 6-week & 8-week term
Fees & Aid
  • There is a once-yearly non-refundable $40 registration fee per family.
  • There is a $20 fee per term for payment plans.
  • No registration fee is charged for summer study.

2020-2021 Policies

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