Ruby Lee

Music Moves For Piano

Teaching Philosophy

Learning music involves multi-sensory development. One can read, listen, dance, sing and express feelings through music. Childhood music learning has been shown to benefit intellectual, social and cognitive development. As a music educator, my goal is to maximize the learning potential of a child. I emphasize the use of age-tailored methods to promote creativity, enjoyment and confidence in a child's music experience. I envision my concepts extended beyond class with support from the parents, and my students can build a strong foundation for life-long music learning.

Teaching Biography

Ruby joined the faculty of Brookline Music School in 2015 and teaches Music Moves for Piano. She is now living in Florida and teaching virtually at BMS. She has been teaching piano full-time for 10 years (and singing for one year) to students from the US, Europe and Asia. Over the course of her teaching, she has been witnessing the positive influence of music on infants and children psychologically, physically and mentally. She has been actively learning and inspired by various music teaching programs, and has developed her curriculum for children to learn music and the piano effectively. Ruby received the Outstanding Teacher Award by Little Music Philanthropists every year from 2012 to 2015. Her pupils always enjoy the fun of making music while achieving excellent examination grades and competition results.

Performance Biography

Ruby has been accompanying award winning soloists at Hong Kong School Music Festival since 2009.


M.A. Community Music , University of York, U.K.; B.A. Music, University of York, U.K.; ABRSM diploma in piano performance & piano teaching; ABRSM grade eight in singing and grade eight music theory.

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