Jessie Doyle

Teaching Philosophy

All children have the potential to be musical and succeed musically in more ways than one. Discovering one’s ability and passion for music at an early development stage is vital for continuing to progress and enjoy music to its fullest for one’s entire life. Learning music is far more than just sing or playing an instrument, it requires movement and body awareness and connectivity between the music and one’s body as well as emotions and expression. Skills learned while learning music in this way can be translated into skills used for other areas of life that are essential for success in and out of the classroom. I strive to develop these skills and create meaningful relationships with my students along the way, while making sure learning music is enjoyable and fun!

Teaching Biography

I've taught music as a music teacher intern at a summer camp on Cape Cod which was completely student centered where they would pick the instrument and some songs they wanted to learn for the week. I also taught a music lesson and worked after-school programs at a preschool while studying at Dickinson College during my undergrad career and worked as a paraprofessional in a preschool for two years, introducing some ukulele into some of the inclusive classes.

Performance Biography

I've performed as a soprano in the Dickinson College Choir and some chamber choirs as well as a few solo vocal performances during my undergrad. I also performed with and directed an a cappella group on campus for two years.


B.A. in Music and Educational Studies (double-major) at Dickinson College, currently pursuing a M.M. of Music in Music Education at Boston University