Jayoung Kim

Jayoung Kim

Jayoung Kim

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Teaching Philosophy

As music education is a two-way communication, I believe that mutual understanding between teacher and student is essential to guiding a student’s musical journey. I enjoy learning about where my students are in their journey, and inspiring them to learn where they are capable of going, and how to get there. Each student has a different learning style, and I strive to find the best approach for each. My goal is for my students to love music and to become their own teacher outside of lessons, so that they can learn and explore music independently and with confidence.

Teaching Biography

Jayoung Kim holds masters and doctoral degrees in piano performance from the Jacobs School of Music of Indiana University, and a bachelors degree also in piano performance from Yonsei University. Her teachers have included Menahem Pressler, Arnaldo Cohen, Edmund Battersby, Bong-Ae Shin, and Jeong-Kyu Kim. While pursuing her degrees, she taught private piano and group piano classes at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. She has also taught chamber music at the Lamont Summer Music Academy and NEC Preparatory Division, and is currently on the piano faculty at Dana Hall School.

Performance Biography

Jayoung Kim has performed internationally as a soloist and chamber musician in North America, Europe, and Asia. Her concerts have been broadcast by CBC Radio, and she appeared on the live radio shows: NPO Spiegelzaal and NPO Opium Op4. She has appeared as soloist with such conductors as Cliff Colnot, David Glover, and Vlad Vreazianu, and has collaborated with Laurence Lesser, Lucy Chapman, Hagai Shaham, James Buswell, and Dmitri Murrath, among others. As artistic director of the Wellesley Chamber Players, she brings the highest quality of chamber music to Wellesley and its neighbor residents.


B.M. Yonsei University; M.M. Indiana University; D.M.A. Indiana University