Music Play

Music is best learned if informal music guidance is begun as early in life as possible. In Music Play classes, students are exposed to a playful and rich musical environment that nurtures their music development needs with singing, chanting, moving, creating, and listening. Experienced teachers musically interact with each student, guiding them through the music learning stages with individualized instruction and engaging group activities. Props such as scarves, balls, egg shakers, and hoops are utilized to help children engage with music and movement. These classes are designed for active participation of both adult and child. Please come ready to sing, move, and have fun!

Students must be 2 years old by September 1, 2018 to register for the 2-3 year old class.

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Day Time Start Date Age Teacher Rate
Wednesday 9:30am 9/26/2018 2-3 Tahlia Cott $260
Wednesday 10:30am 9/26/2018 Birth-2 Tahlia Cott $260
Friday 10:30am 9/28/2018 2-3 Cathy Marks $260
Friday 11:30am 9/28/2018 Birth-2 Cathy Marks $260
Saturday 9:30am 9/29/2018 Birth-2 Tahlia Cott $260
Saturday 10:30am 9/29/2018 2-3 Tahlia Cott $260
Sunday 9:30am 9/23/2018 2-3 Tahlia Cott $260


Semesters 2018-2019

The Early Childhood Department has three semesters:

  1. FALL semester beginning on September 23, 2018 (10 weeks)
  2. WINTER semester beginning on January 6, 2019 (8 weeks)
  3. SPRING semester beginning on March 17, 2019 (10 weeks)

More info available at Academic Calendars

Academic Calendars
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The 2018 Spring Semester is in session. Call (617) 277-4593 to be placed on the waitlist for fall, or register for summer Early Childhood Classes.

Fees & Aid

  • There is a once-yearly non-refundable $35 registration fee per student ($50 per family)
  • There is a $15 fee per term for payment plans
  • No registration fee is charged for summer study

BMS is committed to removing any financial barriers. Tuition assistance is available.

Tuition Assistance


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Tahlia Cott

Tahlia Cott

Teaching children to learn music in a similar way in which they learn language provides children with exposure and context that fits in with how they developmentally learn...(more)

Cathy Fassbender Marks

Cathy Fassbender Marks

All children have the potential to learn music, and early music classes foster lifelong music development. Because music aptitude begins before birth and does not stabilize...(more)

Early Childhood Classes

All early childhood classes are based on Music Learning Theory and research on how children learn music. Students are guided through the stages of music learning (acculturation, imitation and assimilation) to provide understanding for a lifelong enjoyment of music and to prepare for formal instruction.

Our staff and faculty are skilled in early childhood music development and are happy to discuss the programs with you. Contact us at