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piano flute duoInstrument Study

By the time students reach age 7, most are ready to start instrument study. If students have participated in music and movement classes, many will already have been exposed to a wide range of sounds and instruments and often already know which instrument they would like to learn.

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If you are unsure of where to start, piano is always a good foundation instrument. Violin and flute are also excellent choices. Students need to be about 9 years old before starting many of the wind and brass instruments for physical size and stamina issues.

Choosing an Instrument

For more guidance, view our Instrument Choice page. The main considerations are age, personality, and above all, the student’s own interest.

Learning with friends–classes for youth

Pairing instrument study with a group class is a great way to keep students motivated.  Once students reach an intermediate level on their instrument, they are able to play with others in ensembles.  Classes for youth include:

Dance Classes  Suzuki Program Vocal Discovery

Teen A Capella Group

Jazz/Rock Ensembles

Chamber Ensembles