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The Beatles Summer Project

The Beatles Summer Project launches its third season with a change of albums. With two performances of Sgt. Pepper under our belts, this summer we will rehearse and perform The Beatles’ final masterpiece, Abbey Road. Join musicians from Brookline and beyond to perform the album from beginning to end.

Singers, guitarists, pianists, drummers, brass, woodwind, and string players of all ages and levels are welcome to join. Dividing the songs among a multitude of musicians means the time commitment for individual performers is quite reasonable, with only three weeknight rehearsals July 5 through August 4.

Performance: Sunday, August 7th, 4:00pm at the Brookline Teen Center (1pm call time)

It only takes a little to be part of something big.  Register for The Beatles Summer Project today. For more information contact Jazz/Rock Ensembles Coordinator John Purcell at (617) 964-8868; jazzrockbms@gmail.com. To sign up, contact Brookline Music School at (617) 277-4593.

The Beatles Summer Project Age Dates Days Time Cost Instructor



Three weeknight rehearsals
July 5-August 4

TWTh 5-9 range $125

John Purcell



August 7 Performance
at Brookline Teen Center

Su 4