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singers photoMoving Beyond the Basics

By the time students reach the teen years, they are ready to start taking more control of their extra-curricular activities.  One thing they all say is important in their social circles is their music.  Some love to sing, others are dedicated classical players, and still others are simply avid listeners.   Every generation shares a certain fondness for music played or heard in their teen years, and adults often remember times spent making music with teen friends to be some of their best.

Private Lessons

Private instrument study continues to be very popular with this age group.  Some choose to focus deeply on one instrument, while others may choose to explore additional instruments.  This is also the age where the voice matures and starts to benefit from private voice lessons. Once students have reached an intermediate or higher level of playing, they are able to play with others in ensembles.

Ensemble and class choices for teens:

Chamber Music Jazz/Rock ensembles

Teen A Capella Group