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Suzuki Private Lessons

Although children can start at very young age, Suzuki method is effective for any age - grade school age or adults.  Age 5 is typically when children are able to hold the violin and develop the muscular coordination to produce a steady sound. Occasionally, students may begin lessons younger, following a trial lesson and consultation with a Suzuki instructor. The same parent or caregiver is requested to consistently attend all private lessons.


Call (617) 277-4593 to Enroll.

Suzuki Private Lesson Rates

Length Term Rate
30 minutes 16 weeks $768
45 minutes 16 weeks $1,088
60 minutes 16 weeks $1,400

Suzuki Group Classes

Like language, music is an interactive activity. Students add dimension to their learning by interacting and sharing regularly with other students learning the same instrument.

Benefits of Group Classes include:

  • Regular reinforcement of concepts covered in lessons
  • Fun, game-based activities in a social setting
  • Increased incentive to practice between lessons
  • Ensemble-playing, and group performance opportunities at the end of each Term
  • Building confidence in a supportive setting
  • Building community with other student musicians

Suzuki Group Classes are enrolled by level, rather than age, and aim to reinforce, review, and strengthen the concepts and skills introduced in private lessons. Group classes provide a fun and supportive social setting for students to share their work and learn together with others on the same musical path.

Suzuki Class Rates

Class Day Time Length Term Rate
Suzuki Violin Early Book One Wednesday 4:15pm 30 minutes 15 weeks $225
Suzuki Violin Early Book One Sunday 9:00am 30 minutes 15 weeks $225
Suzuki Violin Book One/Two Monday 5:15pm 45 minutes 15 weeks $330
Suzuki Violin Book One/Two Friday 5:15pm 45 minutes 15 weeks $330
Suzuki Violin Book Three Wednesday 6:30pm 45 minutes 15 weeks $330
Suzuki Violin Book Three/Four Friday 6:00pm 45 minutes 15 weeks $330

Suzuki Faculty

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