Music Moves For Piano

Grades (PK-2nd Grade)

Music Moves for Piano teaches student musicians to hear what they play and play what they hear in engaging, creative and fun classes.

Lesson activities sequentially apply what research says about how children best learn music and encourage students to listen, think, move, sing, improvise and perform.  Students develop solid piano technique and keyboard skills through solos, duets and improvisations.  Four students is the maximum per class. 

In Music Moves for Piano students learn to: 

  • Improvise, play by ear, transpose, and harmonize
  • Sing and play
  • Perform with comfort and fluency in a variety of social settings
  • Play with technical ease and freedom from muscular tension
  • Listen to and perform music with understanding
  • Think about music in the context of a meter and a tonality
  • Become independent music thinkers

NOTE: This class is a full year program comprised of two 15 week terms. New students are encouraged to start in the fall term, or can join an ongoing class in the spring depending on availability.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Day Time Start Date Rate

Spring 2018 Classes are currently full. Call (617) 277-4593 for more info or to join the mailing list.


Semesters 2017-2018

Open enrollment for Spring semester begins on January 9. Music Moves For Piano Classes have two semesters:

  1. FALL semester begins on September 16, 2017
  2. SPRING semester begins on January 30, 2018

Students registered for classes in Fall Term are automatically reenrolled in Spring Term.

More info available at Academic Calendars

Academic Calendars

Fees & Aid

  • There is a once-yearly non-refundable $35 registration fee per student ($50 per family)
  • There is a $15 fee per term for payment plans
  • No registration fee is charged for summer study

BMS is committed to removing any financial barriers. Tuition assistance is available.

Tuition Assistance


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Krista Jadro

Krista Jadro

Every child has the potential to learn music. Music learning begins before birth and flourishes with exposure to and interaction with music in a rich, creative and playful...(more)

Tahila Cott

Tahila Cott

Teaching children to learn music in a similar way in which they learn language provides children with exposure and context that fits in with how they developmentally learn...(more)

Cathy Fassbender Marks

Cathy Fassbender Marks

All children have the potential to learn music, and early music classes foster lifelong music development. Because music aptitude begins before birth and does not stabilize...(more)

Nathanael Peterson Blankenship

Nathanael Peterson Blankenship

I strongly believe that every child deserves an exceptional education in music. It is essential to him children engage in meaningful experiences that lead to lifelong...(more)

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