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Piano education for children with exceptionalities

At Brookline Music School, we are committed to offering music education to all children. Our research-based piano classes provide developmentally appropriate, creative, and engaging instruction, guiding children to develop the skills necessary for formal music learning and a lifelong enjoyment of music.

Piano for All Children provides developmentally appropriate piano instruction to children who fall outside the range of typical development in the social, psychological, cognitive, motor, or emotional realms. 

Piano for All Children offers adapted Music Moves For Piano classes with:

  • teachers trained to work with children with exceptionalities
  • resources and support throughout the term to promote success
  • smaller class sizes (capped at three students)
  • options for students to follow the curriculum in private lessons or shared classes (two students)

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Session Details

Length Age Rate
30 minutes (Private)AllPlease Inquire
50 minutes (Group Class)AllPlease Inquire

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Brookline Music School considers each child’s need and strengths, and also offers children the opportunity to participate in integrated classes.

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