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voice lessonPrivate Lessons:  Ages 12 and up

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Our voice teachers are committed to spreading the joy of singing by helping each singer develop his or her voice and performing through positive reinforcement and appropriate performance experiences. In addition to lessons, there are voice area recitals, workshops, and masterclass opportunities at no additional charge.  Our highly qualified faculty is committed to excellence and our goal is to help every student sing his or her best! 

Classical Voice Lessons (age 12+)

Traditional voice lessons focus on building the skills needed to read and sing music. Students will learn about healthy vocal technique, including breathing, resonance, head and chest voice, and will learn songs appropriate to their musical level and vocal range from collections of classical, folk/world music, and Broadway songs.  If the student does not already read music, we encourage a longer lesson to work on musicianship/theory. 

Jazz/Contemporary Voice Lessons (age 12+)*

In the jazz/contemporary voice studio, the main focus is on the fundamentals of vocal technique with an emphasis on jazz and contemporary musical styles and repertoire, including jazz standards, top 40 pop, and musical theater. We also cover topics such as vocal improvisation and arranging within each piece, allowing the student to explore many different timbres and colors of the voice and develop a unique interpretation of each song.  Students generally choose their pieces and may sing from a lead sheet.

*Two years of classical voice lessons recommended as a foundation

Students under 12

Students under 12 may or may not be ready for private voice lessons, and teachers encourage students to participate in group classes, such as Vocal Discovery for ages 7 to 10, and instrumental study to build general musicianship skills. Piano skills are particularly useful for singers.  If you wish to arrange for an individual assessment of your child’s voice, please fill out a New Student Inquiry Form or contact the office

Audition Preparation

Continuous weekly contact with a voice teacher is the best way to improve singing, and students are encouraged to sign up for the entire school year.  However, for adults and those with upcoming auditions or performances we offer individually arranged lessons for less than a semester. 

To start the placement process for private lessons, please submit a New Student Inquiry Form or contact the office.  You may register for classes by contacting the office as well. 

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