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violin lesson Ages 4-6: Suzuki Program recommended

Ages 7 and up: Traditional or Suzuki path

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Strings include the instruments of violin, viola, cello and double bass, with the violin being the smallest and producing the highest sounds, and the double bass the largest and producing the lowest sounds   Each instrument also comes in individual sizes that will be appropriate for the physical size of the student, so it’s important to take your child with you when purchasing or renting an instrument.  Beware of e-Bay or Craigslist—unless you are very sure of the correct sizing you may quickly be back on the site as a seller of that same instrument!

Learning to properly hold a string instrument and produce a sound takes some guidance, so we strongly recommend that students ages 4-5 and often 6 start with violin in the Suzuki Program .  At age 6, a student might be ready to start traditional lessons, although they would still need a great deal of parent support, and ages 7 and up would be ready to start following either Suzuki or Traditional paths. We currently offer only traditional lessons for viola, cello and double bass.   

To start the placement process for private lessons or the Suzuki Program, please submit a New Student Inquiry Form or contact the office.

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