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piano_LeonwithstudentAges 4, 5 (and often 6):
Piano Classes recommended

Ages 7 and up (sometimes 6): Ready for Private Piano

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Piano is always an excellent choice for a foundation instrument, and if students are unsure of what other instruments might be of interest, piano is the perfect starting point.  Producing a sound is easy and its overall setup is intuitive when compared to some other instruments.  Students will learn to read both treble (high sounds) and bass (low sounds) clefs, as well as all the other basics of how music works.  These skills  are easily transferable to another instrument if later on they decide to move in another direction.  You may start with either a Digital or Acoustic instrument.

We recommend that all 4 and 5-year-olds start with a Piano Class before moving to private instruction.  Some 6 year olds are ready to start right away with private instruction, and ages 7 and up are ready for private instruction.  All students will need a piano or keyboard for home practice between lessons and classes.  If you are Purchasing a Digital Piano it is important to look for one with realistic touch that simulates the feel of an acoustic instrument so the finger muscles and hand shape develop properly. 

To start the placement process for private lessons, please submit a New Student Inquiry Form.  You may register for classes by contacting the office.  

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