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Keyboard instruments have a reputation for being easy to learn, and are also extremely versatile. They are able to play melody, harmony and bass all by themselves, and can be either solo or collaborative instruments. An understanding of keyboard instruments helps students to develop musical skills that are easily transferable to other instruments. These qualities makes them excellent instruments for students of any age to start their musical education with. The Brookline Music School offers instruction in two keyboard based instruments, the piano(and digital keyboard) and the accordion.


Piano is always an excellent choice for a foundation instrument, and if students are unsure of what other instruments might be of interest, piano is the perfect starting point.  Producing a sound is easy and its overall setup is intuitive when compared to some other instruments.  Students will learn to read both treble (high sounds) and bass (low sounds) clefs, as well as all the other basics of how music works.  These skills  are easily transferable to another instrument if later on they decide to move in another direction.


Choosing an Instrument

Acoustic Vs Digital Pianos

Purchasing A Digital Piano

Purchasing An Acoustic Piano

Where To Rent Or Purchase


While they may be a more eclectic choice than piano, accordions are a popular and versatile folk instrument found all over the world. The accordion has traditionally been used to perform folk or ethnic music, popular music, and transcriptions from the operatic and light-classical music repertoire. The accordion is also a portable instrument that doesn’t take up too much space.  The accordion, like piano and guitar, is an instrument that can play melody, harmony and bass all by itself.

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