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Guitars cover many styles of music, and include both acoustic guitar and electric guitar, as well as banjo and lap steel guitar.  Students can start on either the electric or acoustic guitar, and many enjoy learning both, as it is easy to switch back and forth between the two.  

Our teachers are experienced musicians and most specialize, to a greater or lesser extent, in the musical style in which they most often choose to perform.   A student’s musical taste, however, will almost certainly change as he or she develops musically, so exposure to a diverse range of styles and performers has long-term advantages.  Our teachers recognize this, and do not place limits on students by specializing too early.  They encourage students to learn the basics of both finger-style and picking, along with chords and reading, always working with the student to give guidance that best fits his or her interests and needs. 

Brookline Music School’s Guitar Certificate Program guides private lesson students with a structured approach to guitar studies.  At no additional cost, the guitar certificate program sets a standard for students (Levels 1 – 4) in Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Technique & Repertoire.  Each level is catered to the individual student and approved of by their private lesson teacher and department chair.  There is a 45 minute minimum lesson time required.  Inquire with your private lesson teacher if you have any questions or would like to enroll.

Instructors recommend the starting age for guitar to be 8 (sometimes 7) due to physical size and coordination issues.  For students younger than this, we suggest starting with a Creative Movement/Dance ClassPiano is always an excellent foundation instrument, so starting with a year or two there is always a solid choice, letting your child know they can move to guitar when they are older. 

To start the placement process for private lessons, please submit a New Student Inquiry Form or contact the office.  You may register for classes by contacting the office as well. 

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