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In addition to the popular and well-known drum set, percussion instruments also include a variety of bells, shakers, blocks, hand drums and gongs.  Pitched instruments (producing a sound that can be sung) include the marimba, timpani, and xylophone.  Students most often start by registering for drum lessons, and are exposed to the many other percussion instruments through the course of their study.

Students benefit most from starting lessons on the drum set starting at age 7 (sometimes students are ready at age 6).  If a student younger than this, often students that are drawn to drums also would enjoy a Creative Movement Dance Class that includes organizing physical responses to musical cues.  Piano is always an excellent foundation instrument as well, and is technically classified as a percussion instrument, so starting with a year or two of piano is always a solid choice, letting your child know they can move to drums when they are older. 

To start the placement process for private lessons please submit a New Student Inquiry Form or contact the office.

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LengthPer Term (16wks)Per Year (32 wks)4 Lesson Deposit
30 min$768.00$1,536.00$192.00
45 min$1,088.00$2,176.00$272.00
60 min$1,400.00$2,800.00$350.00

New students may register on a rolling basis (depending on availability) after the start of a term.  Tuition will be prorated based on the number of lessons left in the term.

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