Our Dance Program explores kinesthetic creativity by using movement, music, props, games and play to develop and link students’ learning into complex dance moves and phrases. Dance Instructor Tom Krusinski starts with each child’s strengths within individual and ensemble work, engaging them using the practices of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, including spatial, linguistic, mathematical and logical.  Such intelligences assist in emotional and behavioral control, resisting impulses, developing cognitive flexibility and memory, and bringing courage and joy to meeting challenging situations in and out of the dance class.

Tom Krusinski, Instructor

“Tom is wonderful…he has transformed our daughter in dance class from a little girl who wouldn’t follow along or answer questions (Shy at times) to a bundle of energy and enthusiasm in dance!” ~ BMS Parent


Please call (617) 277-4593 to register.

Dance Classes 2017/18

Dance$37515 weeks, 50 minCreative Dance4-5
Dance$37515 weeks, 50 minPre-Ballet4-5
Dance$37515 weeks, 50 minBallet6-8
Dance$37515 weeks, 50 minModern Dance6-8
Dance$37515 weeks, 50 minMaking Dances for Boys6-8
Dance$37515 weeks, 50 minGirls Dance Ensemble9-12
Dance$37515 weeks, 50 minBoys Dance Ensemble9-12

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