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Theory & Musicianship

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Creative Theory & Musicianship  8-10 years

Taught in a spirit of collaborative learning and fun, weekly class sessions explore and reinforce a variety of musical concepts, including: note-reading the treble and bass clefs; indentifying intervals on the staff and by ear; major and minor scales and chords; and basic rhythm and meter. Weekly listening examples, musical games, and exploratory group activities contribute to a varied and engaging experience with the dual goal of heightening students’ musical enjoyment, and accelerating their progress in private instrumental lessons.

Theory Classes Term I (Fall) 2016

Class Day Time Age Class Length Start Date Instructor Cost  

Creative Theory & Musicianship I

M 4:00 8-10 (level dependent) 12 weeks, 50 minutes 10/17/16 Valerie Ross

$288 for students enrolled in private lessons, plus materials fee