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Suzuki Violin


Before registering for the Suzuki Program, parents have an initial
consultation with one of our Suzuki Instructors.  To start the process contact the office

The Suzuki Method is based on the combination of a weekly private lesson and scheduled group classes.  The group classes serve to motivate and inspire children of all levels and ages. In the group classes younger children can play along with and observe the more advanced players, inspiring them to work towards a more advanced level of playing.  Meanwhile, the older students work on leadership skills and ensemble playing.   Suzuki teachers use creative strategies to work on common skills during the group classes including musical games and exercises.

The Goals of the Suzuki Group Class include:

  • The development of good listening skills when performing in a group setting
  • Creating a nurturing, supportive and encouraging environment
  • Generating a strong incentive to practice and improve without relying on competitiveness

The Suzuki Method combines a music teaching method with a philosophy, embracing the total development of the child, which follows Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s guiding principle, “character first, ability second,” also known as the Mother-Tongue Approach. The Suzuki program at Brookline Music School offers flute and violin instruction, and involves a combination of weekly private lessons and regular group classes. The Suzuki approach is based on the belief that young children can learn to play music in the same way they easily learn their native language – through listening, repetition, motivation, encouragement, parental involvement and love. Parents take an active role in the education process by attending all lessons and groups and practicing with their child at home.

The goal of a Suzuki teacher is not only to develop the violinist and musician in every student but to nurture the entire child and teach important life skills such as coordination, self-evaluation and motivation, listening skills, patience, and perseverance.  The Suzuki method is structured in such a way that new ideas are presented in small steps so the child can succeed and be proud of their achievements with every new skill.   Old skills serve as building blocks for new material so the child is always developing a larger vocabulary.  With positive guidance from the parent and teacher, the child develops confidence and a strong self-esteem.

“When love is deep, much can be accomplished”  ~ S. Suzuki


Please call (617) 277-4593 to register.


Class TitlePer term (15 wks)Per year (30 wks)
Suzuki Violin Group (30 min)$225.00$450.00
Suzuki Violin Group (45 min)$330.00$660.00
Suzuki Violin Group (60 min)$445.00$890.00

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