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music study Brookline MAFounded in 1924, Celebrating 90 Years of Excellence in Music in 2014

There are so many reasons to make music: self-expression, artistry, entertainment, developing discipline, control, and just plain having fun.  Whatever your reason, Brookline Music School is here to encourage and guide your growth through all stages of life.  All our faculty and staff are highly trained experienced professionals in music education and are always happy to help with any questions or concerns you might have about music study along the way.  

BMS suggests the following study sequence:

Birth to 3 years

Early Childhood Classes

Ages 4-5 and often 6 (any one or combination of the following)

Piano Classes Dance Classes Suzuki Program

Age 6

Some 6-year olds may be ready for private lessons and others would benefit more from group classes.  There are many factors, including mental readiness, physical readiness, emotional readiness, and parent readiness (parents will need to be actively involved in private lessons for them to be worthwhile and successful at this age).  You can view our Readiness Assessment for 4-6 year olds, and also feel free to contact BMS for further guidance.  If you are at all in doubt, it’s far better to stay with group classes rather than risk starting formal lessons too soon and losing the child’s enthusiasm for music-making. 

Ages 7 and up (ready for private lessons and/or group classes)

Choosing an Instrument

Dance Classes (through age 11)

Suzuki Program

Teens and Adults

Once students have gained some mastery over an instrument, many find one of the most rewarding ways to keep playing is by joining a band or chamber music group.  BMS offers a variety of options, including contemporary (jazz/rock/pop), and classical styles.  This is also the point where the voice is mature and ready to benefit from private coaching.  Visit our Voice pages to find out more.  

To start the placement process for private lessons or the Suzuki Program, please submit a New Student Inquiry Form or contact the office.  You may register for Group Classes by contacting the office as well. 

Visit our Resources pages for more information

Readiness Assessment for 4-6 year olds