Brookline Music School seeks to awaken and nurture musical interest, appreciation, and artistic excellence in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere; to offer a high standard of comprehensive music instruction to people of all ages and backgrounds from the local community; and to serve the community by teaching in multiple locations, offering tuition assistance, and sponsoring a full schedule of concerts and public performances throughout the year.


Brookline Music School, a private, nonprofit community school for the arts, is the oldest and largest cultural institution in Brookline. Founded in 1924 by the Brookline Public Schools, the School became a private organization in the 1940s and was incorporated as a private, nonprofit school in 1967. In 1994, following a successful capital campaign, the School moved into its permanent home in the Hill-Kennard-Ogden House.

Brookline Music School constitutes a unique model of cooperation between public and private sectors. Its original purpose was to enhance the Brookline Public School orchestras by providing music lessons to the children of Brookline after hours on school premises.


  • A 90-year tradition of excellence in music education
  • Faculty comprised of world-class musicians and educators
  • Private lessons, classes and ensembles for all ages and abilities
  • All musical styles from Baroque to Jazz to Rock
  • Tuition assistance program
  • Regular written Progress reports and Parent Conferences
  • Student recitals, workshops and master classes
  • Faculty Artist Series
  • Family concerts
  • Bakalar Recital Hall on-site at Kennard House
  • Multiple teaching locations throughout Brookline
  • Member of the National Guild for Community Arts Education


We believe that music education is a joyful and enriching experience for people of all ages. The ability to make music education available to everyone in the community has always been of great importance to the School. A Scholarship Program, funded primarily by the School’s Annual Fund, provides tuition assistance to students who might not otherwise be able to take music lessons.


The superb quality of the School’s educational offerings is made possible by the high level of arts education, musicianship and pedagogical experience of the faculty. Over half of our internationally trained faculty members hold a Masters degree or higher. In order to attract and retain such stellar musicians, a Faculty Professional Developement Program awards grants so that faculty members may continue to hone their skills with advanced training courses, workshops, master classes and ongoing lessons.

Member of the National Guild for Community Arts Education

As a National Guild member, Brookline Music School is committed to making arts education accessible to all.  The National Guild supports and advances access to lifelong learning opportunities in the arts. As a Guild member, you become part of a vibrant network of community arts education professionals, volunteers and philanthropic supporters working together to share knowledge, resources and strategies for success.

Member of the Consortium For the Arts in Brookline (CoFAB)

Dedicated to the arts promotion, education, collaboration, and advocacy in Brookline.

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