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First Steps (ages 0-3)

Category: BMS NEWS Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 First Steps Class

Did you know that the first years of life are the most important time for laying the foundation for musical aptitude?  BMS’s FIRST STEPS classes for ages 0-3 are guided music education classes, led by professionally trained music educators, that will enhance your child’s imagination, creativity, and encourage innovative thinking and actions later in life. 

Why FIRST STEPS is the best Early Childhood Music Education program in the area:

  • Classes taught by professional, experienced, trained music professionals
  • Research based curriculum guided by the principles of Dalcroze, Gordon, Orff, Kodaly, and Suzuki
  • Classes are more than just fun bouncing around with friendly supervisors found in some of the generic national name programs—each class has a purpose and goals with educational direction behind each activity (we do have plenty of fun and bounce around too though!)
  • Sequential curriculum with teachers and staff giving guidance on next steps at every stage