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Private Instruction, Ensembles & Group Classes in Term II begin January 31  – February 6, 2017. To register, call (617) 277-4593.

For beginners of all ages to advanced students, Brookline Music School offers private music instruction on a wide selection of orchestral, jazz, and folk instruments, as well as piano and voice. Private lessons typically begin at age 6, with Suzuki instruction on violin and flute available to students as young as age 4. Each student is carefully matched with an appropriate instructor based on level, specific musical interests, and learning style.

Playing music with others in a collaborative setting is a highly rewarding experience for any musician. Brookline Music School offers a variety of ensemble options, including Jazz/Rock and Chamber Music, for performers of various ages, instruments, levels, and musical styles, as well as vocal ensembles and classes. Students are encouraged to share their music in performances ranging from group workshops to formal recitals.

Group piano classes, Music Moves for Piano, apply Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory to piano instruction in which students learn foundational music and piano skills that prepare them for private or group instrumental study.

Brookline Music School also offers co-ed Dance classes, which explore kinesthetic creativity by using movement, music, props, games, and play to develop and link students’ learning into complex choreography and phrases. Music Therapy is available for children and adults with music-based tasks that foster the development of motor, communication, cognitive, and social abilities.

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