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Music for Children with Special Needs 3-7

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Everyone is born with the potential to learn music! Brookline Music School is proud to offer opportunities for every student to participate in music classes where children may learn at their own pace with experienced teachers. Our instructors provide an environment that’s play-based, musically rich, friendly, and respectful of individual needs and learning differences. These classes are perfect for students needing smaller class sizes, more individual attention, or adaptive equipment. Classes are designed for active participation of both adult and child.

Foundations: Intro to Instruments for Children with Special Needs
(ages 3.5-4)

In Foundations classes, students continue to learn musical skills through developmentally appropriate music activities. Singing, chanting, moving, and playing instruments provide avenues of learning for beat competency, tonal accuracy, body awareness, and coordination. Students will be introduced to a variety of instruments during musical activities and with special guest demonstrations!

Keyboard Games: Piano for Children with Special Needs (ages 5-7)

In Keyboard Games, students experience playing short pieces and improvising on the keyboard in addition to singing, chanting, moving, and playing small percussion instruments. Creativity and expression are encouraged, as students learn rhythm coordination, recognize tuneful singing, engage in body movement activities, improvise, learn how to approach the keyboard physically, and participate in pattern instruction.

Music Therapy (all ages)

Group and individual music therapy sessions are available through the Brookline Music School by board-certified music therapist,  Adrienne Flight. In music therapy sessions, music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. Visit our Music Therapy webpage to find out more about the program or call (617) 277-4593 to schedule a consultation.

Tuition Assistance is also available.

 Class Sections Spring 2015

Day Time Class/Age Class Length Start Date Instructor Location Cost  
Sa 9:00 Foundations: Intro to Instruments 10 weeks, 50 minutes 3/28/15 Krista Jadro Kennard House $235 Register