Dance Ensemble (9-12)

Boys Ensemble and Girls Ensemble are designed for older students with a connection to dance as a performing art. These classes emphasize a higher attention to detail and complexity within the group. The students will present different musical choices and will pick two pieces which will be choreographed for a performance. Students are encouraged to express their own style and teach each other the steps that will shape the dance. This class fosters an exploration of diverse movements and challenges students to create a unique dance experience.  

Please see schedule below for Girls Ensemble Class time and Boys Ensemble Class time. 


Call (617) 277-4593 to Enroll.

Class Details

DayTimeStart DateTermLengthAgeRate
Wednesday5:00pm1/31/201815 weeks50 minutes9-12 (Girls) $375
Tuesday5:00pm1/30/201815 weeks50 minutes9-12 (Boys) $375


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