Ballet (6-8)

Expanding on the concepts of Pre-Ballet, Ballet places a focus on the development of more complex movements. The class will introduce more sophisticated turns, steps, and leaps. Students will learn about timing and coordination through movement games, as well as use props to emphasize ballet alignment and balance. Stretching will be incorporated in to each class to familiarize students with the muscles that are specific to the ballet vocabulary. Students will dance to a variety of music including, world music, classical, jazz, pop, and more. 


  • Spring semester begins on January 30.
  • Re-enrollment deadline for current students is January 6.
  • Open enrollment begins on January 9.

Call (617) 277-4593 for more info.

Class Details

DayTimeStart DateTermLengthAgeRate
Wednesday4:00pm9/20/201715 weeks50 minutes6-8 $375
Tuesday3:00pm9/19/201715 weeks50 minutes6-8 $375
Saturday11:30am9/16/201715 weeks50 minutes6-8 $375


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