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BMS Spotlight: Marcus Dembinski

Category: BMS NEWS Thursday, February 6th, 2014 Marcus Dembinski

Eighteen-year-old Brookline High School senior, Marcus Dembinski, began his journey at Brookline Music School with a dance class at age 3 with Tom Krusinski. Years later, he returned to study guitar with Joe Conley for two years before switching to drum lessons with Scott Pittman in 2010. “I liked guitar but then discovered drums and liked it better,” recalled Marcus. He has also been a part of John Purcell’s Jazz/Rock ensembles since 2012.

Marcus involves himself in a variety of opportunities that BMS offers. He frequents the weekly BMS Open Mic Night hosted by Scott Pittman at Café Nicolas, as a player and the “gear man,” moving instruments, amps and setting up equipment. Marcus also played lounge music with John Purcell and John Anderson at the Brookline Teen Center Opening in September 2013. Marcus has participated with the BMS Jazz/Rock ensembles in the popular “BMS Rocks Roggie’s” events and will perform with John Purcell and Adam Chedd this Sunday, February 9, at 3:45pm at Roggie’s in Brighton.

Marcus is in the band The Next Best Western, a Brookline-based indie rock group who’ve been playing together since 2010 and writing music since 2011. The Next Best Western is Marcus on drums, Max Sternlicht, lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Ethan Roubenoff, lead guitar and keys, and Jan Meese, bass, with occasional friends filling in on strings and horns. The band has played in the BMS spring concerts “BROOKstock” and “BROOKstock II, ” at house parties and local venues around Brookline.

Living Communications albumMarcus has a home studio where the band practices and records. The studio is furnished with a guitar, bass, drum kit, keyboard, microphones and recording equipment. The band released its first album of eight songs, titled “Living Communications” in September 2013. “Living Communications” was recorded and mixed by Marcus and took two months to perfect. “I consider myself as the producer of the band more than the drummer,” added Marcus. Each instrument was recorded on its own three to four times, with the best cuts used. The band decided which songs were lacking a certain sound and added overdubs from guitar, stretching and reverbs where it sounded empty, in addition to including strings on “Wasted Time,” and horns to “Days Before.”

The sales of “Living Communications” were a success and can be purchased on CD Baby and iTunes. According to Marcus, “the first album was testing the waters.” The band is working on a second CD, which will involve more studio work. They anticipate a release date of June 2014.

Next Best Western NewYearsThe band’s first paying gig was at Parker Pie Wings Bar in West Glover, VT on New Year’s Eve 2014, consisting of 30 songs that integrated original tracks with late 90′s covers and hits from 2013. Marcus said his “dream for summer is to garner a small following.” One that is large enough to have a concert at Brighton Music Hall or The Middle East Night Club.

Marcus will attend college in September 2014 for Sound Engineering and is applying to eight colleges, including Berklee College of Music, Emerson College, Ithaca College, Drexel University and Oberlin College. The band will disperse as college life calls and their majors vary, but plan to play whenever they are all back home.

Marcus is inspired by the music of Thom Yorke, Trent Reznor, and Kayne West’s producing skills. “When I’m writing and producing, I can hear the inspiration of other musicians,” Marcus added, “Any music I listen to affects the way I feel and play music.”

IMG_2443“Most hobbies are music related,” explained Marcus, “I consider myself an amateur movie score lover.” He appreciates how soundtracks support what’s happening in movies. Marcus values the musical compositions by Hans Zimmer and added, “Anything John Williams does is gold.” Marcus also enjoys winter sports and added, “I love snowboarding. It’s my favorite winter past time.”

“I am very fortunate to live in a town that has a great music school, because I see students that come from far away to go here,” explained Marcus, “BMS is not one thing, it involves so many.” He continued by suggesting students find the right teacher, get involved, and offered that ensembles are a lot of fun. Marcus hopes to stay involved at Brookline Music School as an adult.

He read and agrees with Scott Pittman’s teaching philosophy, which states that so many adults wish they could play a song and had continued to study music while young. This made Marcus realize, if you want to make music or art, go for it. Don’t regret not fulfilling your dreams.

Check out Next Best Western at the monthly Open Mic Night at Brookline High School, around Brookline or visit: https://www.facebook.com/TheNextBestWestern.