Announcing Rhythmic Compass Spring Semester Class

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New this spring, BMS will offer Rhythmic Compass, a 15-week class teaching the South Indian konnakol system, instructed by Jussi Reijonen, BMS guitar faculty member.

About the Class:

Strengthen your inner Rhythmic Compass and learn to perform, read, and compose rhythms with natural ease and fluidity! Using the South Indian konnakol system, instructor Jussi Reijonen helps students build a universal rhythmic toolkit that is easy to learn, and applicable to any style of music in infinitely creative ways. Students of all instruments, including voice, who wish to strengthen their sense of time and overall musicianship will benefit from this course. 

“Rhythm is everywhere inside and around us – in our heartbeat, in our speech, in our movements, in the everyday patterns of our lives. As a musician and composer, I’ve always been moved and fascinated by rhythm, and I believe the language of rhythm is one that unites all dialects of music, from Bach to Bartok, from African-American blues and jazz to hip hop, from rock to pop, from bluegrass to Arabic music, from Latin to heavy metal and beyond.”                                                                    

-Jussi Reijonen, Rhythmic Compass Instructor

Class begins on January 31st. Call to Register (617) 277-4593.

Full course information can be found here.

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