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Adults pick up instruments, passions at Brookline Music School

Category: BMS NEWS Stephanie Fong and Larry Cohen
“Adults pick up instruments, passions at Brookline Music School” by Erin Clossey, Brookline Tab March 26, 2015 issue

Bob Goisman joined his first band in high school. By medical school, he was touring the local clubs and bringing the groove to fraternity parties in Madison, Wis., as keyboardist with The Cosmic Potato Earth Band (hey, it was the early ‘70s).

“It was a blast,” said Goisman, now of Brookline.

But then he graduated and began practicing psychiatry. He married and had kids, and making music seemed like one demand too many in a hectic life.

“It was hard for me to put in the time,” Goisman said. “Putting in the time is a big part of [music], and I found myself being jealous of the free time I had.”

For 40 years, Goisman put the keyboards away, until his wife saw an ad for Brookline Music School’s Sgt. Pepper Program. The program brings musicians of all ages, instruments and skill levels together to rehearse a few times and then perform The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (the album, not the song) for an audience from beginning to end.

She emailed Goisman the ad and a note of encouragement: “You might want to check this out.”