We have a diverse adult student group at BMS that includes college students, young professionals, mothers and fathers, retirees and seniors.  They all have one thing in common though, and that is a lifelong joy of music and music making.  The reasons adults study music are many and each person’s goals are as varied as the students themselves.  Common themes are:


Many adults have taken lessons for years during their school years and now enjoy playing with others in a group.  These students may or may not be taking private lessons as well. 

Personal enjoyment

Many adults enjoy simply playing on their own and find that private lessons are the best choice.  Having a teacher to play for on a regular basis keeps students motivated and gives professional feedback and guidance for technical improvement and repertoire suggestions.

Professional development

Some adults study through BMS for professional development.  These students are typically educators, although many work with our Voice teachers to improve their speaking skills.

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